With the cold winter months on the horizon, why not make sure you are kept toasty by snagging your very own fireman at 730pm on Wednesday September 25 at The Rescue Me Fireman Singles Party!

But, underneath all that bunker gear should come a disclaimer. ) a fireman for that matter may be slightly different than portrayed in romance novels Don’t get me wrong, there are lots of perks😉 – Men in turn out gear are HOT!

-The whole rescuing people from burning buildings, very noble – You will never be cold! and well I might add – They aren’t afraid to get dirty or lend a hand to a friend But, for the disclaimer…

Firemen are HOT, yes, but be prepared for other women to turn their heads, stare, flirt.

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Their awesome, themed, date night events give you a refreshing alternative to meeting people in clubs and bars. Your $15 ticket includes all-night drink specials for the party.

And if you are shy, don't worry because we'll start the night off with Firemen trivia ice-breakers for prizes!Snag your very own hero at this singles soiree which gathers together the city's hottest FIREMEN.If NY's bravest leave you breathless, we have a feeling you'll have no trouble getting some mouth-to-mouth!A handsome, well built man in turn out gear, sweat beading off his forehead as he pulls his helmet off, the smell of smoke is strong….sounds like something straight out of a harlequin novel…(most) every woman’s dream to be swept off her feet by a tall handsome fireman.