Featured Clique Wise co-founder Lydia Gan Join us for a memorable, refreshing and highly interactive event this Sunday where you get to meet new friends!This is a unique networking event for those who enjoy connecting with people through the written word.There will be total silence during the first hour of this event.

It auto-fills your personal information at a click!

What’s more, you no longer need to submit paper documents for verification with some agencies.

22 - Focus Week, Page 16-17 When it comes to marriage, parents know best Featured Clique2click Event Director Lydia Gan and 1st Parental Matchmaking event in Malaysia Channel 5 News, 9pm Parental Matchmaking Featured Clique2click Event Director Lydia Gan 9 & Channel 8 What Your School Doesn't Teach You Romance, Dating & Relationship Tips Featured Clique2clique Event Director Lydia Gan , Channel News Asia, Singles in Singapore.

3 minutes is long enough to decide if there is chemistry between you, but short enough if there is none, please view events for full information on all our Kent events.

Click on this link to see why Speed Dating Events Work so effectively. Speed Dating is one of the most popular and fantastic ways to meet new people.

Just attend one of our professionally organised events for the chance to have up to twenty 3 minute dates, and then decide if you would like to see any of them again.Everyone has heard about Match Events but no one really knows what they are all about. Match Events are private events that, from the outside, look just like any other party. Forget your cheesy pick-up lines, you can now get talking to that pretty/handsome single across the room without making a fool of yourself. well, we mean that on average it only takes 45 minutes to get to an Event (or 15 if are like Ryan Gosling in Drive). Have you been on a night out where the party was already in full swing by half 8? The Match team always has a few surprises in store to help kick start the evening and help everyone get to know each other. It’s a win-win situation: you’re guaranteed to have a great time and they don’t feel left out. Finally, a party where you do not have to wait until 1 in the morning and pay for 8 cocktails to have a good time. (link to afterwork quiz)Forget dinner at a friend’s and office parties…Match Events are the best place to meet other singles (with no couples in sight).It may be that your favourite bar or restaurant is a host venue, so make sure you’re not missing out!